roromendoet indonesia

Roro Mendoet was a strong young woman who struggled against all domination over her as individual and her as member of community.  She was all alone when she refused her destiny as a concubine of an old powerful man who ruled the area in Java Island, that’s now she became a legend.
We adore Roro Mendoet’s spirit on fighting and resistancy.
Roro Mendoet Indonesia was started by some people who care about environment (2007).
We expressed our concern on environment by eating and trading organic rice that was produced by local farmers who also have the same concern on environment.  We branded the organic rice we sell as Roromendoet Organic Rice. That was the moment Roromendoet began to find its form.
It has been three years now.  We are developing into something beyond our imagination. There are researchers, film makers, writers, community developers, educators, trainers, and fair traders in Roromendoet Indonesia.
Roromendoet Indonesia concerns on environment, education, community development, poverty reduction, and social justice.  Many of us join Roromendoet Indonesia because of its concerns.  No matter what you do, if you have the same mission and concerns, so you are always welcome to join us.

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