dunia yang retak (the cracked world)

essay photos by nanda wirabaskara

location: an emty village, north of chiang mai, thailand

thailand goverment has made some regulations to relocate some tribes society who live in the forest for several reason, such as they want to use the land for national forest or national park project. it’s hard for the tribes to live in their new village because they have no more sacred place and some times they have no water supplies.

in this essay photo, there are some empty houses that left by the people. these all are below the dam. the dry dam. maybe that’s why people have left.

kaca mata negarawan (the goverment glasses)

blurr memandang dunia (it’s blurred to see the world)

bagai taring harimau (like tiger fangs)

membingkai rumah yang ditinggalkan (framing the left houses)

memandang dam kering di depan pintu (looking the dried dam in front of the door)

daun kering (dried leaves)

ranting kering (dried twig)

dibakar tungku peradaban (burn by the hearth of civilization)

bunga korek menjaga reruntuhan (flower of match guarding the ruins)

kalau cermin tak lagi punya arti, pecahkan berkeping-keping (if the mirror has no more meaning, break it in to pieces)*

*) leo kristi


~ by roromendoet on June 2, 2010.

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