forestry in thailand, sustainability or land right?

forestry is something quiet vogue in Thailand. On this case Indigenous people face agains Thai Goverment in discourse ‘confrontation’. here the film and the story about IP’s in .pdf.

Socio-economic Security for People Live in Forest Area

A Study of the Karens

By Dwi Any Marsiyanti


(This papper has been presented in Regional Center for Social Science and Sustainable Development (RCSD) Chiang Mai University, Thailan in july, 23th 2010)

For agriculture, besides wet rice field cultivation, it is true that the Karens use the rotational agriculture system which requires burning the field every year.  The rotational system that they call as “Lai Mun Wien” is rotational cultivation that in Hin Lahd Nai, the cycle is 7 years, while in Nong Muntha, it is 5 years cycle.  The rotational system is when this year they plant in area A for the whole year.  The next year, they will leave the area A alone, don’t touch the area A at all for the next 5-7 years and move to area B.  The next year they will leave the area B alone and move to area C.  That is the system and they will be back to area A in 5-7 years later.  When they return to area A which they don’t touch for 5-7 years, area A has become a nice green forest with big trees.  They will cut down the trees and sometimes leave two or three big trees behind.  Then, they burn the area to clear up the land from unwanted plant and start to cultivate the land.

To reed more, please click ling bellow to download the story about Karen Hilltribe in the Northern Thailand in .pdf

Socio-Economic Security For People Live in Forest Area


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