Essay photos by Nanda Wirabaskara

These pictures has been taken at November 27, 2010. The status was ‘awas’ that’s mean that the volcano still can be erupted at any time. The danger area should be empty for people was 15 Km. I was there with SAR team to clean the ruin village of Kalitengah Lor (4 Km from the crater) from the death animals.  almost no building can stand still in this area. But some building can stand still in the villages above it (more than 5 Km from the crater).


new crater for all village around

mbah marijan’s house

mbah marijan’s mosque

the house that can stand still from the eruption in radius 5 km

it was a living room

ruin house

the only standed building in the village: the mosque (4 Km)

burried village (4 km from the crater)

death cow we should clean

terraced paddy field

the ruin village

running after lunch

new life has been born

the slanker (slank is an Indonesian band group)


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