Night of Wat Lok Molee

Photographer: nanda wirabaskara, location: Chiang Mai, Thai.

Almost like any other city in Thailand, Chiang Mai has thousands Buddhist temples (local words call those wat). Wat Lok Molee is one of the biggest wat in the down town. This pictures has taken in June 2010 in the evening, when the days turn to dark. In the middle of taking pictures, suddenly somebody turn of the light. It was something really rare, because I never see this wat without lights at night. But thanks to him who turn off the light because i can get the comparation pictures before and after the light.

Wat Lok Molee under the night light

after the light is gone

 The Chedi, where the dust of the death of the important person lay down.

The Chedi after the light

 inside the wat‘s hall, a big Buddhist statue will always stand


~ by roromendoet on April 21, 2011.

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